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Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Roast ‘Empire’ w/ Absolutely Spot-On Spoof

Jimmy Fallon & The Roots Roast ‘Empire’ w/ Absolutely Spot-On Spoof

Jimmy Fallon & The Roots' Spot-On 'Empire' Spoof

Lee Daniels‘ Empire is and has been TV’s hottest commodity for just about all of 2015. Now entering its second season, the rap-game soap opera has absolutely dominated in terms of ratings and has provided the world with its most loved, and somehow, most hated, leading lady and fellow all at once. And while there’s been plenty of pop culture-poking at the expense of the show, The RootsJimmy Fallon and the whole Tonight Show crew delivered what may very well be the most spot-on lampooning of the show yet in their aptly-titled and wholly-hilarious Jimpire spoof last night. Here we find Fallon doing his best Lucious and side-man Steve Higgins as Taraji P. Henson’s Cookie, all fighting for the slot as heir to The Tonight Show throne, sparing no bit of melodrama or hairspray in their pursuit. Finally, once it’s time for the big reveal, an unnamed, presidential candidate steps up to claim the prize. It’s a harrowing tale of what it takes to reach the top, but we’ll let you be the judge of who’s best suited for the gig. Watch Jimmy Fallon & The Roots’ brilliant spoof of Empire below and tune-in to Fox tonight for the show’s season 2 premiere at 9pm.


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