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Trail Blazing: Snoop Dogg Launches Weed-Based Media House ‘Merry Jane’

Trail Blazing: Snoop Dogg Launches Weed-Based Media House ‘Merry Jane’

News flash: Snoop Dogg loves him some herbal refreshments. More than that, Snoop’s passion for the plant has led to some highly-profitable business ventures that have shed the social stigma of being a functional stoner, shed his status as the rap-game’s weed mascot and transformed him into a full-blown activist in the continued pursuit of reforming of our nation’s archaic drug legislations. He’s gotten in on the ground-floor of Eaze (described as the Uber for weed) and yesterday he announced that he’d be co-founding the new media house venture Merry Jane, which seeks to provide content that furthers the cause of legislation reform by shining a very green light on the everyday humans that partake and the countless pop-culture intersections that the plant and its constituency have already infiltrated. The site will officially launch next month, but is already in its beta-testing phase, granting, naturally, 420 new users per day in the lead-up to its unveiling. And while there’s really no telling yet whether this will be the cash-cow the G-funk pioneer envisions, there is one thing we can be sure of: with more and more states granting legal status to marijuana and its many offshoots every year, Snoop Dogg might have just bought into the Vice of the air-blessing culture. Cue:


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