Snoh Aalegra Shares A Cover Of A$AP Rocky's "L$D"

Snoh Aalegra Delivers A Moving Cover Of A$AP Rocky's "L$D"

First Look Friday: Snoh Aalegra Lets The Winter Sun Shine In

A$AP Rocky‘s recent single “L$D” has already become something of a standard–a touching blend of ecstasy and vice that’s shown the world just how versatile the young MC truly is. Seizing on the moment, Swedish R&B artist Snoh Aalegra has just shared her own take on the song, a moving and understated recording that swoons just as hard as the original cut.

Backed by nothing but bass a crystalline guitar, Aalegra’s full and powerful voice inundates every line. The half-tortured tone of A$AP’ Rocky’s recording is thus amplified, and where synthesizers, vocal loops and a crescendo of drums make the original a cinematic experience, Snoh’s version is much more static and cold, like a photograph of a loved one caught in a forlorn look. A$AP Rocky’s ballad is a song, after all, about the lines between emotions, physicality and fantasy blurring into one greater unknown. The mood from Snoh’s recent “Bad Things” video has been expanded in the new cover; it seems she’s on her way to becoming the new queen of heartache. Listen to the cover below and read more on Ms. Aalegra in Okayplayer’s in-depth First Look Friday interview with the swedish artist. A$AP Rocky’s much-anticipated 2nd LP AT. LONG. LAST. A$AP is already in stores and can be purchased on iTunes today.

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