Snoh Aalegra Falls Victim To "Bad Things"

Watch Snoh Aalegra Deliver A Sparse Live Take On "Bad Things"

First Look Friday: Snoh Aalegra Lets The Winter Sun Shine In
(Photo by Eddie Pearson)

For all her vocal might and on-camera swagger, Snoh Aalegra‘s work is built of tenderness. The ascendant Swedish R&B singer has found great success in 2015, pouring out her heart over productions from hip-hop’s elite, including No I.D. and, most recently, RZA. Her talent towers; her collaborations astound. And yet.

Yet there’s a wounded humanity tucked into Aalegra’s work, and in a new, stripped-down live performance video for “Bad Things,” it escapes out into full view. Backed by lo-fi drums and soft keys that drift like blocks of melting ice, Snoh belts the entire song while lying on the floor–a vision of the “version of me” that grounds the song’s hook. In the studio, “Bad Things” has benefitted from guest verses by, at separate times, both Kiler Mike and Common, but in truth Snoh is the real reason for its widespread success. The singer pours earnest emotion into every bar, reminding us that to have one’s heart half-broken by music can sometimes be the sweetest feeling. Watch the live performance of “Bad Things,” below, and read Okayplayer’s exclusive interview with Aalegra for a fuller picture of her pain and paradise.

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