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Small Professor - Mixed Jawns II [Instrumental LP]

Small Professor

Philly producer, Small Professor, has come through with more than a few bangin’ instrumental projects over the last couple years. I was quite sure he dropped his toughest ‘jawn’ to date with his last blend, Nasty Jawns, but today, that title has  been threatened. Small Pro takes a break from the baby making music and comes through with the sequel to Mixed Jawns, replacing the waviest of all the mixed jawns, Rashida Jones, with Maya Rudolph on this cover (I have mixed feeling about this (couldn’t help myself)). Just like all his other projects, this one has an interesting backstory: “For the latest and final installment of the long-running ‘Jawns’ series of instrumentals, Small Professor presents a followup of sorts to last year’s Mixed Jawns.The majority of the first 6 tracks originate from an EP that was to be titled 18Teen (after its total running time) and features SP’s familiar new-age boom-bap formula. However, the second half, beats from another shelved EP (called Slowerrrbus) is dedicated to SP’s buddy Curly Castro, who tweeted a this a while back: ‘Trap beats Sun? Really? I assumed your fixation onn them would wane, but alas…God. Trap sux. Period Smalls.’ (The response? ‘i’m a trifle deaf in this ear, speak a little louder next time.’).” The project goes from “dope” to “murderous” from track #7 on, as far as I’m concerned. As is always the case with the professor, pay attention to those track titles, if you get them, you’re in rare company – listen below.

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