Small Professor - Nasty Jawns [EP]

Small Professor - Nasty Jawns [EP]

Small Professor

After bangin’ fools over the head with the hard hitting Highway Robbery LP, co-starring Guilty Simpson, Small Professor is back at it with his latest solo release. Small Pro drops a quick, 6-track EP, Nasty Jawns, featuring Miss Jackson on the cover (again, I see what you did there, bruh). The latest entry in the ‘Jawns’ series, would be my favorite to date, just press play and it’ll serve as the perfect soundtrack to your between the sheets excursions (it’s only like 10 minutes long though, so you might wanna loop this one… or not). Says Small Pro of the project: “Inspired by 9th Wonder‘s remix of Amerie‘s ‘Why Don’t We Fall In Love’ & random RJD2 vocal edits, NJ is mainly a continuation of a section of Small Professor’s ‘Cool Story, Pro‘ album…the part of the story about sexy times, that is. On this short release, Marvin from “Sexual Healing” and Marvin from “Let’s Get It On” are paired, as well as Isaac Hayes x Jodeci & Drake x Ron Isley…all combining to form a project that’s absurd, funky, blasphemous…but most of all, nasty.” Word to all of that, get it below.

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