SassyBlack - "Thriller (Game Healer)"

OKP Premiere: SassyBlack Champions Black Excellence w/ Swaggering, Poignant New Single "Thriller (Game Healer)"

by zo
November 17, 2015 11:00 AM

SassyBlack - "Thriller (Game Healer)"

Right around this time last month, SassyBlack (of the genre-smashing duo THEESatisfaction) made us keenly aware of her forthcoming No More Lame Dates project with the fiery and minimalistic self-produced single “Talkin Shit? Okay.” And now, while the dust is still settling on that swaggering rebut against the universal peanut gallery, SB has come through with a new treatment from her Personal Sunlight EP for the standout “Thriller (Game Healer)”; an equally-minimal, lurking sonic suite built over cooled-out and submerged synth touches and a staggered drum-machine program reminiscent of early Neptunes productions.

It’s here that SassyBlack thrives, lacing the cut with deceptively-poignant sentiments, brimming with braggadocio, yet vulnerable and restrained like an early-round boxer. The visual — shot in Brooklyn and directed by Tiona McClodden — plays out like a super-cut of black excellence, interspersed with shots of the many voices and hands of luminaries and heroes in the civil rights struggle, championing the game-changers of history and making a powerful plea to be on the right side of it. Watch the brooding and empowering clip below, just be sure to keep your ear to ground; come 2016, SassyBlack will be coming with the heat.

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