Pass The Popcorn: RZA To Direct 2016 Thriller Film 'Breakout'

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Avid fans of RZA know just how seriously he takes his action films. (If you need a refresher, click here. We'll wait.) Now, it appears that the Wu-Tang Clan don is turning appreciation into artistry and taking his love of cinema to the next level, as Variety reports that RZA will direct a new thriller feature film.

The flick, an action piece centered around a prison break, will begin production in 2016 and is operating under the working title of Breakout. Specifics are still scarce, but it's been confirmed that the script is based upon a story by Richard and Nicole D'Ovidio--the tale of a young photographer arrested under false drug trafficking charges in Bangladesh. Variety notes that the photog's "prominent father enlists two old friends to help him break his son out of prison and uncover the truth"; it sounds like the perfect frame to build a shoot-em-up upon, meaning that we're incredibly keen to see what RZA does with the script, and just how rugged and raw the final product becomes.

For those in need of a brush-up session, RZA has already tried his hand at directing with 2011's The Man With The Iron Fists and Coco, which stars Azaelia Banks and John David Washington, alongside Hana Mae Lee, Common and Jill Scott. That motion picture will drop on March 16th.

Breakout will be produced by Amasia Entertainment, and in a statement the company's principals Bradley Gallo and Michael Helfant boasted that "The multi-talented RZA has mastered the art of music, acting and filmmaking...We are ecstatic to have him behind the camera on our next project as he brings a fresh and innovative take to this international action thriller from Rich D’Ovidio.”