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OKP Premiere: Fresh Off America’s Got Talent, Ryan Shaw Blends Rock & Soul On “Everything Makes Me Think Of U”

OKP Premiere: Fresh Off America’s Got Talent, Ryan Shaw Blends Rock & Soul On “Everything Makes Me Think Of U”

Ryan Shaw Press Photo Square

Ryan Shaw Press Photo
Image courtesy of the artist

Riding a wave of momentum following his appearance on America’s Got Talent, singer-songwriter Ryan Shaw is poised to break out in a very big way. Shaw’s nigh-unstoppable vocal power took him far on the NBC program, but now, on his own terms, the man knows no limits.

From a technical standpoint, the young man has it all–a clear and surging technique that can paint melodies over even the densest of arrangements, along with a knack for harmonies that was honed during church choir practice, which he started at the age of five. But it’s a grown-ass man we hear on “Everything Makes Me Think Of U,” Shaw’s new hard-strutting single, which Okayplayer is very pleased to present as a world premiere.

These days, Shaw is glib when it comes to discussing his television experience (“It has left me both grateful and confused,” he told OKP), but is eager to dish on his what inspired him when he steps into the recording booth. The style and tones of Sam Cooke and Donnie Hathaway; the range of Aretha Franklin; Michael Jackson‘s use of space. All of these influences help him soar on “Everything Makes Me Think Of U.” The song’s chorus lines hit a stratosphere rarely heard in today’s rock and soul.

“It was not written to one particular person it was sort of a thought that when you fall for someone whether or not they fall back, you are sort of trapped in this place to deal with your feelings with or without the other person,” Shaw said of his new single, which was written during a Los Angeles session with Bosshouse that predated his time in the TV spotlight. “I was telling the guys I love the track but I felt like it needed another chord or two,” Shaw said. “They said they were open to the idea and about ten minutes later we had the two magic chords. The rest is here for your listening pleasure!”

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It’s a pleasure indeed. Shaw is currently gearing up for a year of performances in the London production of Thriller Live (where he’ll play the voice of his idol), and has plans to write an entirely new album while across the pond. Equal parts Wilson Picket and Kings of Leon (fans of In Living Colour‘s Corey Glover will definitely find Shaw’s style to their liking), it’s his hope to blend rock and soul in a way that both highlights his talent and brings the rock kids and soul heads back together. He’s well on his way. Listen to the world premiere of “Everything Makes Me Think Of U” below, and keep up with Shaw on his website.


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