Group of police at an Arizona protest
Group of police at an Arizona protest
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Robert Fuller's Half-Brother Dies in Shootout With Police

The family attorney for Robert Fuller had no further comment on the incident.

Last week, 24-year-old Robert Fuller was found hanged in his native Palmdale, California. The death quickly circulated on social media, drawing media scrutiny to the case. On Wednesday, the Los Angeles Times reported Fuller's half-brother Terron Boone, was shot and killed during a shootout with LA County police.

According to Lieutenant Robert Westphal, the shooting occurred during a kidnapping and assault investigation. Detectives trailed a car carrying a suspect in the case to an apartment complex. According to the Times, Boone was charged with multiple counts including assault, false imprisonment, and domestic violence.

After attempting to make a traffic stop, Boone reportedly got out the car and fired at least five shots. Deputies returned fire, killing Boone and injuring the woman driving the car. A 7-year-old girl in the backseat was not injured during the incident.

On Monday, Los Angeles County officials walked back the ruling that claimed the death of Robert Fuller was a suicide. Coroner Jonathan Lucas said the initial ruling was due to a lack of evidence. "We should look into it a little more deeply and carefully," Lucas said Monday. "Just considering all the circumstances at play."

On Sunday, Fuller's sister Diamond Alexander said the suicide ruling didn't make sense. "Everything they've been telling us has not been right," she said. "We've been hearing one thing, then we hear another. We just want to know the truth. My brother was not suicidal."

Celebrities including Kim Kardashian have shared a petition demanding a thorough investigation of Robert Fuller's death.