RJD2 Talks Vinyl & The Death Of Digging On Crate Diggers

Karas Lamb Karas Lamb writes and digs for tunes you haven’t heard…


RJD2 shows FUSE around his massive vinyl collection and explains his approach to digging – a methodical practice he says has changed drastically over the years – in the latest edition of Crate Diggers. The celebrated producer runs through a few of the essentials and discusses what has inspired his thirst for digging, from listening to UTFO as a kid to being compelled to purchase records for the intriguing artwork. RJ also touches on the amount of time he’s dedicated to digging, which at one point was something he treated as a full-time job. He makes a point of noting his affinity for records related to his hometowns of Columbus and Philadelphia. He ends the visit with a bit of bittersweet commentary on the state of digging and why he believes the practice will die with his generation. Check the footage below to get a glimpse of RJD2’s collection on Crate Diggers. Purchase RJD2’s More Is Than Isn’t LP via iTunes.

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