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Res Answers “The Questions” For OKP TV

Res Answers “The Questions” For OKP TV

Res answers The Questions for OKP TV

Res answers The Questions for OKP TV

Res is not only 1/2 of Idle Warship with Talib Kweli–not to mention one hell of an artist in her own right–she is also a lovely human being. On a recent New York stop, she was cool enough to swing true the Okayplayer offices and play the game we call “The Questions.” Here’s how you play: be super sweet and patient but still come back with smart, funny answers as we barrage you with random questions about your favorite 80s karaoke songs (she actually gave us a few bars of Billy Joel on that one) and whether or not you get tired of being mistaken for a Renewable Energy Source. Res is really good at this game. Since her brand new EP ReFried Mac is dedicated entirely to covers of Fleetwood Mac and/or Stevie Nicks, a lot of the questions in this particular round of the questions had to do with Stevie Nicks’ hair and actual Mac & Cheese. Press play below to find out the answers to these and more, not to mention what Res has in common with a turtle. Not to mention how mellow Res can be in the face of a lot of annoying questions.

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