Raheem DeVaughn answers The Questions for OKP TV

OKP TV: Raheem DeVaughn Answers "The Questions" For Okayplayer TV

by Eddie "STATS"
November 27, 2013 10:43 AM

Raheem DeVaughn Loveland video interview

Raheem DeVaughn is the king of Loveland. We know this because Loveland is a place where every man is king and every woman is queen. And we know that because Raheem DeVaughn told us so when we asked him “The Questions.” In Radio Raheem’s case The Questions that needed immediate answers (like, yesterday) include the big issues, weighty topics like: ¬†What’s your favorite video game? Who has the best Mambo Sauce in DC? Who’s your favorite character on The Wire? What’s it like having the Chrisette Michele as your cousin? What’s the best Chuck Brown go-go jam to cover with The Roots? Hey, whatever happened to that crown and cape you used to wear?

The world-class r&b singer and DMV-representer put us up on all the inside info on these subjects and more–and in the process revealed himself as a smart, funny, humble cat; the type of person we could have probably bugged with questions all day. But this is not the place for random lower-case-q questions. This is “The Questions”! To get The Answers, press play below (an cop his new album Loveland on iTunes now).

Videographers: Brad Ogbonna and Allison Swank
Editor: Imani Lindsey
Music by Desert_Head

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