Rah Digga Animal Cover Art Square
Rah Digga Animal Cover Art Square

Rah Digga Spits Hard And Heavy On Aggro New Track "Animal"

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In the midst of injustice and turmoil across the nation, Rah Digga has returned with an anthem of self-affirmation. Dubbed "Animal," Digga's new track comes across like a supercharged crash cymbal and features a rock-heavy instrumentation courtesy of producer J Pilot. Digga throws down a textbook excellent boast track, swaggering so hard that her attitude borders on primal (at times quite literally, professing her "heart of a lion" and "soul of a panther").

Digga spits bar after bar in a ragged sawtooth flow while Pilot's seemingly never-ending drum fills beat listeners into submission. "Nothing scarier than a bunch of negro scholars when they gossip," the lady MC notes in a later passage, touching on some of the racial unrest that's been racing across the nation during recent weeks (years, decades). The track eventually fades away into what sounds like a twisted, racist news report disparaging the manners and attitudes of persons of color. This is Rah Digga calling out a country still steeped in bullsh*t, and letting her own skill be the means by which the pushback travels.

Digga was last heard rocking over a classic MF Doom beat, but "Animal" proves that she can go in over ruggedness and still come out on top. Listen to it below and stay tuned for more.