Psymun - Purple Crush [EP]

Psymun - Purple Crush [EP]

by shamz
April 02, 2013 5:49 PM


So I was gushing about this kid Psymun‘s production work last time, and now he refuses to stop making music (this is a good thing). This morning he hit me with yet another new project, his Purple Crush EP. You’ll remember he still has his first full-length LP with fellow producer Damacha, Secret Sauce Volume 3, set to drop in May. This 6-song EP is meant to hold you down til then (unless dude decides to drop another project before hand). The sounds of the EP are all over the place with one track sounding familiar, mixed in with some other dope jawns (“Yolo” and that King Krule remix get high grades from me). Stream/download Purple Crush, below.

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