President Obama To Discuss National Security & More At CNN Town Hall

President Obama Calls Donald Trump 'Unfit' For Presidency

On September 28 CNN will host a town hall with President Obama.

Titled the "CNN Presidential Town Hall: America's Military and the Commander in Chief," the discussion will feature CNN anchor and Washington correspondent Jake Tapper and Obama, as the two talk about veterans, national security and foreign policy issues impacting the US military.

Obama will also field questions from the audience made up of active duty service members, veterans and the military community.

The town hall comes as at a time in which Obama's foreign policy record is mixed, according to foreign policy experts. He's had some success with the "four pillars" he described in his 2009 speech as "fundamental to the future that we want for our children." These included: stopping the spread of nuclear weapons; reaching an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal and combat terrorism; addressing climate change; and putting the global economy on a more solid footing.

Fast forward to now and the POTUS has achieved an international climate-change agreement in Paris, and achieved a deal with Iran to curtail its nuclear program in exchange for lifting economic sanctions.

However, Obama is still facing a number of challenges: the advancement of North Korea's nuclear program over the past eight years; and fighting the rise of the Islamic State, where the United States is engaged in more military fronts in the Middle East than at the beginning of his presidency — including in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen.

Prior to his town hall he'll take to the U.N., where he'll unveil his new cease-fire agreement with Russia (as Syria is on the verge of collapse); heightened concerns about North Korea after its recent nuclear test; and new potential acts of domestic terrorism in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.

The one hour primetime event will take place in Fort Lee, Virginia, home of the Combined Arms Support Command, and will be available to watch in 360 virtual reality through certain platforms.