Os Gemeos Plane for Brazil World Cup
Os Gemeos Plane for Brazil World Cup

Os Gemeos Take Street Art To The Sky For FIFA World Cup Brazil

Os Gemeos Plane for Brazil World Cup

Os Gemeos, also known as Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo are twin brothers and graffiti artists who recently explored a new canvas that will be traveling worldwide. The São Paulo natives have been developing their style since the late 80s and ended up doing everything from tagging in the streets to huge commissioned murals. Their work often features cartoon characters with signature facial features in different vibrant shades and hues including a signature yellow which is a tint both brothers experience while dreaming. From working on family portraits to political and social commentary the twins have shown extraordinary diversity and appeal in the street and folk art space . Their latest piece is on a huge scale - the duo sprayed their graffiti all over the Boeing 737 that will carry the Brazilian national team from city to city during the 2014 World Cup.


The artists were the first to think of the idea, which they had been dreaming about apart from the World Cup; But when the Brazilian air carrier Gol heard about the twins' idea they couldn't pass it up. The large airplane is right up the brothers' alley due to their experience with painting large objects from trains and buildings to a colorful castle. One week and 1,200 aerosol cans later the project was ready to go. The plane showcases the diverse people and culture of Brazil through the duo's unmistakable graffiti style.

OS GEMEOS Plane for Brazil

The plane will continue to fly for two years after the World Cup allowing travelers from all around the world to see the artwork in action. The brothers shared their feelings about the piece and process with Artnet.com.

“Besides the enormous challenge, for we painted in a totally unconventional medium, the concept of this work is to give unrestricted access to our art. We depicted the Brazilian population with all its varied and colorful ethnicity, bringing this work to the skies and airports in Brazil for the period of two years.”

Who knows what will happen to the plane after two years in flight? Maybe it will be auctioned off or put into a museum to display the brothers hard work and pride for years to come. Regardless, as long as this plane exists we know that some form of street art has made its way to the sky. To see more angles of the masterpiece and the boys in action check out the video below.