OKP Premiere: su na & Alo Lee Conjure Up Warm Beauty On "Blood"

su na press photo 2

On his newest single "Blood," su na has lit a fire--you can feel it in the track's warm and crackling sub bass and almost even see it in the bright synth flickers that float above it all. There's haze over everything--a grey but comforting smoke. The Minneapolis producer pairs blossoming chords with a driving, bone-dry drums to create a bit of hyper-modern R&B that stands high, high above the present-day SoundCloud scene. But then, he's not the only one involved.

London vocalist Alo Lee works in tandem with su na on "Blood," delivering slow and immersive melodies that bridge the gaps between each beat. "We have the same blood," Lee croons on the hook, reminding us that the petty differences that divide us are only ever imagined. "We really are all just people at the end of the day- people just trying to get through life," Lee told Okayplayer. "We cast so many judgements on one another all the time and it needs to stop."

Okayplayer is very pleased to present the world premiere of "Blood," a track that su na (real name Alec Ness) himself sees as a crucial step in the right direction. "This one really hits the direction I’ve been working toward. A darker Rnb sound with an emphasis on shuffle and groove. I wanted to drop this single before my next EP project comes out," he said. That new EP will be six tracks, and reportedly they're already mastered and ready to be rolled out. In the meantime, "Blood" is your holdover; listen to the gorgeous new single below.