No Malice Is Hitting The Road This Winter
No Malice Is Hitting The Road This Winter

No Malice Documentary Now Streaming On Netflix

No Malice Is Hitting The Road This Winter

A recently released trailer for a documentary on No Malice (formerly Malice of The Clipse fame) shows the rapper talking about his relationship with Pharrell, and the producer's impact on him.

The almost minute long clip finds Malice entering a recording studio where he meets up with Pharrell. The scene then transitions to Malice talking about growing up with the famed artist and hitmaker.

"Just growing up with Pharrell — what's funny is Pharrell was always that kind of guy that he could talk you into anything. Like, it would sound so far fetched but the more you listening the more you're like 'This guy really believes in himself,'" No Malice explains. "Then in turn you'd believe in yourself and you're like — you just saw that it could happen."

Titled The End of Malice, the documentary explores everything from No Malice's rise with his brother Pusha T in The Clipse (and crafting the important work of art that is Lord Willin' with The Neptunes) to the life changing moment that led to him becoming No Malice.

The film is 40 minutes long and is now available to stream on Netflix. The documentary was originally shown back in March on Revolt.

Earlier this year No Malice took to the road to screen the documentary throughout the United States, which included stops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Atlanta.

This year also marked the 10 year anniversary of The Clipse's third studio album, Hell Hath No Fury. In a joint interview between the two brothers for GQ, the topic of discussion eventually went to a possible reunion between the two, with each one seeming to be in favor of the idea.

"It would be an amazing album. We could totally conquer the world," Pusha T said in response.

Check out the trailer below.

The End of Malice Netflix Preview - The Impact of Pharrell from John Humphrey on Vimeo.