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A New Clipse Album May Be In The Works

A New Clipse Album May Be In The Works

A New Clipse Album May Be On The Way

A New Clipse Album May Be On The Way

“Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I know we can do it.”

This week Clipse (that’s Pusha T and No Malice for the young ones) celebrate the ten year anniversary of their third studio album, Hell Hath No Fury. In 2009, after the release of their final album, Til The Casket Drops, the brothers in blood and arms went their separate ways; Pusha eventually making his way to the top of the G.O.O.D. Music roster, No Malice, after feeling the full force of his spiritual guilt, turning to a life of devotion, writing books and even dropping an album back in 2013.

But in a recent interview with GQ for a retrospective on the critically and publicly adored outing, the duo did more to spark possible reunion rumors than actually speak to the album’s creation and reception. Throughout the piece, Pusha painfully reflects on how he and his brothers no longer make music together and how singular that connection is. And when asked whether they’d be willing to make another Clipse record, seven years removed, each of them seem to be in favor. Pusha excitedly professes:

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“It would be an amazing album. We could totally conquer the world.”

Though nothing is confirmed, this could be the most promising sign yet of what’s to come.


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