New App Helps Boycott Trump's Businesses And Affiliations

Donald Trump

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump has created an app that will help users avoid giving their money to businesses that either support President elect Donald Trump, or were complicit in his election to the White House.

Boycott Trump is a free app that allows users to search a database of over 250 businesses to determine if they share a connection to Trump. The app's creators have already found dozens of high profile businesses that support or are affiliated with Trump including: Gucci, Yuenling Brewery, Century 21, Dillard's and many more.

Some of the businesses listed have more direct ties than others. Many of the clothing companies on the app made the list for carrying Ivanka Trump's clothing line, for example. While others are listed for being sponsors of Trump's television series The Celebrity Apprentice (Groupon and Sprint).

"This app is a first step in our larger Boycott Trump campaign, which will feature a unified grassroots movement centered on holding companies and individuals that help Trump in any way accountable," Executive Director of Democratic Coalition Against Trump Nate Lemer told The Huffington Post in an interview. "The campaign is all about empowerment...By doing so we aim to give people a safe and productive way to voice their disapproval of Trump. We've accepted Trump won the election but that doesn't mean we have to accept everything he stands for."

As we wrote following the election of Trump, we must continue to fight. "We must re think it all, from the racist, sexist, hateful, despicable bottom up. We must love, fully. This love should not allow oppression, in any form. Organize, organize, organize. To the streets. Good night and good luck," contributor Abel Shifferaw wrote.

This is a form of fighting, even if it may seem small. Boycott Trump is available for free on iPhones, iPads and Androids.