It's Over: Donald Trump Wins, We Lose - But We Must Fight

Donald Trump

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It saddens me beyond... What. I. We. How, But we know. Deep down, no words, too many words. I'm numb: Donald John Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. Republicans have won the Senate and the House too.

No jokes, no wittiness, I can't find it in me to post the cleverest tweets, excuse, me, but, why, we know why, but, I, we, no, it, analysis, words go, they come too fast, I think, I can't, think, we know exactly why. As a Black man, a first generation American, with a mother who is not a citizen - I am scared, though I believe that there is hope. Let us note that this is what America is, what it has been, and it must be radically rethought and reshaped.

We have received confirmation, we know now, truly, America was never for us, and we must make it for us, for all of us, whatever the cost. America, historically, the deeply rooted strands of inequality, of racism, white supremacy, homophobia, transphobia,  and misogyny have won today, but we must make sure they do not win tomorrow.

Hillary Clinton was not our savior, never was. Only we can be that. The myth, which we bought, is gone, shattered. We must re-think it all, from the racist, sexist, hateful, despicable bottom up. We must love, fully. This love should not allow oppression, in any form. Organize, organize, organize. To the streets. Good night and good luck.