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Mixtape Monday: New Mixtapes from Quantic, Rich Medina, Delroy Edwards + More

Mixtape Monday: New Mixtapes from Quantic, Rich Medina, Delroy Edwards + More

Mixtape Monday: Spoek Mathambo - Future Sound Of Mzansi Aero Manyelo mix

Mixtape Mondays: Quantic - Lost and Longing / Perdide E Sodade

Look out. A binder full of tuff new Mixtapes every Monday could make Monday into your favorite day of the week. And once that happens, it’s a slippery slope to bizarro world. Enjoying Monday goes ‘against nature’ in a way that can be profoundly disorienting for a player. Next thing you know, cats and dogs will be living together, polar bears will need sunglasses and people will walk on their hands. Luckily, you will still have binders full of tuff mixtapes to get you through the end-times and if anything is profoundly re-orienting it’s a new afrobeat mixtape from, say, DJ Rich Medina. We kick off however with international master of records Quantic, helping us through another painful transition. Putting down a selection of Cape Verdean seaworthy soul on a mix called Perdide E Sodade (trans. Lost and Longing)-Q nicely sums up the feeling that all Lusophone people are experiencing right now in the aftermath of FIFA Brazil 2014 i.e. total disaster unless your a German footballer or Rihanna. DJ Gingee contributes some more beats that speak Portuguese (not to mention Hindi, Spanish and…I want to say Tagalag?) with her Travels mix (via Generation Bass). Delroy Edwards delivers Vol. II of his Slowed Down Funk series and DJ Rahdu of Bama Love Soul makes roman numeral sexy with the latest Diamond Soul XXXperience mixcast. South African-via-Scandinavia beatgod Spoek Mathambo drops his new Future Sound of Mzansi and of course the aforementioned afrobeat–get to downloading and stay woke as we make Monday livable with more mixtapes.

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