La Bonne Connexion French Hip Hop Mixtape Cover
La Bonne Connexion French Hip Hop Mixtape Cover

Mixtape Monday: Ally Al World Premiere, J.Rocc, Kid Millions, Beatminerz + Much More!

DJ Ally Al Tricket Mixtape Cover

Artwork by Tom J Newell

It's a great day n da mornin for music-lovers everywhere. We can't deny that we spent almost all of the weekend losing our minds over the news that D'Angelo would be returning--nor can we can we claim to have slept much last night after he went and dropped the damn album all at once at midnight. But, believe it or not, D is only star in a massive music universe, and the rest of it rolls on in spite (or, more likely, because) of his greatness. This week's mixtape roundup has a decidedly old-school vibe and features a grip of vintage Philly hip-hop courtesy of Kid Millions, some all-vinyl rare soul from Beatminerz, some funky French productions and much much more. Most importantly we kick things off with a new world premiere mix from none other than Ally Al. If you can tear yourself away from Black Messiah (and we know that struggle is real), get ready for a wild week's worth of sound.

DJ Ally Al Tricket Mixtape Cover

Artwork by Tom J Newell


Trickett link

Ally Al is giving it up in the name of his favorite UK clothing label TRICKETTThe ever-consistent Al reached out to each member of the label's staff and asked them for their favorite song--then mixed their feedback into a surprisingly fluid mix that blends Katy Perry, MJ, 2 Chainz and Dilla together in ways that will surprise and impress all who have a listen. While such an open-ended venture could have been a disaster, sonically, it's clear that Ally and the folks at Trickett roll in a tight and soulful circle. Just look at the closing tracks: Aaliyah, Beyonce, Drake, Jeezy and R Kelly. If you're looking for a crowd-pleasing mix to play at your holiday party, this should be your very first selection, and we're very proud to bring it directly to you and yours.



Marching Chiefs intro

Where The Party Is At

Fenech Soler - "Last Forever (Mint Royale Remix)"

Michael Jackson - "PYT (Pretty Young Thing)"

Waze & Odyssey Vs R Kelly - "Bump N Grind 2014"

Katy Perry - "Dark Horse ft Juicy J"

2 Chainz - "Trap Back"

Ol'Dirty Bastard - "Brooklyn Zoo"

J Dilla - "Make 'em NV"

Aaliyah - "Try Again Instrumental"

Aaliyah - "Try Again"

Beyonce - "Partition"

Drake - "Draft Day"

Young Jeezy - "Seen It All ft Jay Z"

R Kelly - "I Believe I Can Fly"

DJ Spinna J Rocc East West Flavors Mixtape Cover

Last week we brought you DJ Spinna's "West Coast Flavors" mixtape, a set comprised of some of the very best cuts to come off of Tupac, Snoop and Casual releases. Spinna's confident J.Rocc gave East Coast artists the same loving treatment and so it's only fair to give him and his region its due. Lords of the Underground, Raekwon and more grace this tape, and when listened back-to-back with Spinna's West Coast tape, it becomes clear that geographical rivalries are a lost cause--both sides of the continent keep it equally real and dope.

Kid Millions Philly hip hop Mixtape Cover

Fresh off his fantastic mixtape compilations of underground Chicago hip-hop, Kid Millions has already returned to give Philly the same props. Just like the Chi-town sets, Millions's mix was facilitate by Dope Folks Records and features some of the finest, rarest regional hip-hop to come out of the 2-1-5. Acts lke Legion of Doom, Lord Aaqil, Rock Hard Delegation and Larry Larr make this an absolute must-listen for anyone not school in the lessons of Illadelph.


Poison Ladd S.L.R. - Life is a Nike Commercial

Larry Larr - it's the L

Plush Bros. - Stop Frontin

Tyree - Lost Generation

Ebony Broadcast System - 2 Stepz Behind

Militant Minister - Etched In Stone

Legion Of Doom - Puttin My Thang Down

Three The Hard Way - Ya'll Don't Stop

C.E.B. - Get The Point

Lord Aaqil - Check It Out

Big E. Smallz & Ant Live - Sure Shot

M.C. Prelitique & Sweet - We Got The Right To Front

Rock Hard Delegation - Just For The Audience

Ruggedness & Madddrama - Me & my Squad

Big Tabb - Raw Dawg

Trauma Center - Rugged Land

17. Danger Zone Mobb Sqwad - Flip'n Keeloz

The Rickochet Mobb - Gotta Have Money

Too Fresh - Too Fresh Is Taking Over

J-Zone Wide

It doesn't get more classic in Mixtape Monday than an all-wax soul set, and J-Zone has delivered unto us a brand new batch of breaks. Filled with the funky horn hits, dirty hypnotic drums and roving basslines that made the late '60s and early '70s so fantastically syncopated, so blazingly funky, that DJs today can't resist digging back into it. J-Zone's beatmatching and chopping skills are on full display throughout this mix, which features both rare and essential selections alike and is the perfect throwback break from all your Black Messiah funk-binging.

Louie P Hypetrak Mixtape Cover Yungstankyman

Seems that the futuristic r&b brilliance that Kaytranada is known for runs in the family. The young Haitian producer has an even younger brother who goes by the name of Louie P, and it seems like he's got some music tricks up his own sleeves. Louie was tapped by Hypetrak last week to put together a mix indicative of his own sound sensibilities, and the results are both amazing and reassuring. On tap is plenty of the half-wobbling electrofunk that his brother has come to champion, but we also catch glimpses of a music library that defies P's tender age. The mix is loaded with yet-to-be released gems from the likes of Dumix, Kaytranada, Waldo, and more, making this a kind of time capsule glimpse at what the Soundcloud set might have cooking for 2015 and beyond. Plus, when was the last time you earnestly listened to Cash Money's "#1 Stunna"?


Planet Giza - "Perfection 85"

Kaytranada - Unreleased Remix

Ace Mo - "Gat In My Lap"

Vic Mensa - "Down on my luck (Unreleased remix)"

Azealia Banks - "Chasing Times (Planet Giza remix)"

Tommy Kruise - "RHEA"

Marvel Alexander - "Why My Ol’ Lady Gotta Be A Thot"

Dj OshKosh - "DigiScale Remix"

Dumix - Unreleased

Tek.Lun - "Elevate With Gravez"

OG Maco - "U Guessed It (Da-P Remix)"

Father - "Look At My Wrist"

Dumix - Unreleased

Iamsu! - "Father God"

Vic Mensa - "Feel That (Swish Remix)"

HWLS - "002 Demo Featuring GoldLink, Anderson Paak and Louie P"

Kaytranada - Unreleased

Waldo - Unreleased

Sango & Waldo - "Rushed Perfection"

Vic Mensa - "Wimme Nah"

Tommy Kruise - "HERS"

High Klassified - "Luxury"

Dj Rashad & Gant-Man - "Heaven Sent"

Dj Earl - "Hit Da Bootz"

Unknown producer (Forgot where this comes from) - "Propeller Chillin"

Tek.Lun - "The Green Box"

Sango - "I1 (Kaytranada X Mr.Carmack)"

504 Boyz - "Wobble Wobble"

Cash Money - "#1 Stunna"

The Celestics - Unreleased Demo

Lil B - "Murder Rate"

Young Thug - "About The Money Featuring T.I. (Remix)"

Drake - "6 God (Gravez Remix)"

Da-P - "Ouhhhh"

Tek.Lun - "Heart In Mind"

Louie P - Unreleased Demo

Lil B - "BasedGod Fucked My Bitches"

Kaytranada - Unreleased

Gary Wilson - "Dream(s)"

Music Is My Sanctuary Mixtape Lexis Cover

It's getting more and more apparent that Music is My Sanctuary is a don of the new mixtape mafia. Their guest mixes are regularly lead by top-notch DJs who bring set that are both highly individual and eminently approachable, but their regular show is also a must-listen. This week's installment was curated, as usual, by Montreal native and MIMS co-founder Lexis, who brought some of the newest and hottest heat to the decks over the course of his 2 hour set. Don't be fooled by the throwback tones of Sam Reed Band's "Ambassador Theme"--Lexis's shots are highly futuristic in nature, with multiple new tracks from Hiatus Kaiyote setting the tone. Be sure to enjoy the moonlit bump of MNDSGN's "Scotchious" remix, and  relish in Black Milk's expert production quality. This is one sanctuary we never hope to leave.


Sam Reed Band - "Ambassador's Theme"

Swarvy - "Scotchious (MNDSGN remix)"

BJ The Chicago Kid - "It's True Feat. Schoolboy Q"

Blu - "Heaven on a 45"

Theo Parrish - "Welcome Back"

Black Milk - "Everyday Was ft. Mel"

Hiatus Kaiyote - "Molasses"

Sulpacio Jones - "Risky"

Zilo - "Escapade (Interlude)"

Darien Brockington - "Can We Fall In Love Again"

Faith Evans - "I Deserve It (feat. Missy Elliott & Sharaya J)"

Betty Ford Boys - "The Symphony (Jeeep Volume)"

FlexFab - "Zoo"

Betty Ford Boys - "Two"

The Hellen Hollins Singers - "Consolation (Nicolas Jaar edit)"

Reginald Omas Mamode IVth - "Mercy"

Leo's Sunship - "Give Me The Sunshine (vocal)"

Silk Rhodes - "Face 2 Face"

Fidelio - "Prequel"

Merwyn Sanders & Inkswel - "Eternal Freedom (Inkswel's Sugarhill Mix)"

Arca - "Slit Thru"

Flako - "Illusions"

Lost Midas - "Dream Of Me"

HNNY - "9.15"

Hunee - "Rare Silk"

Brother of Soul - "Be Right There"

Devin Dare - "Alright"

Lee Gamble - "Kali Wave"

Mr Mitch - "Fly Soup"

ASAP Ferg - "Ja-Rule ft. Big Sean"

Caribou - "All I Ever Need"

James Blake - "200 Press"

Clap! Clap! - "Conqueror (consequences / memories)"

Commodo - "Shift (feat. JME)"

Evil Needle - "Antidote"

Betty Ford Boys - "Shut Up"

Hiatus Kaiyote - "By Fire"

Kalaparusha Maurice McIntyre - "Jays"

RTB Big Band - "Ne ga se prodavaj"

Steve Davis - "Lalune Blanche"

La Bonne Connexion French Hip Hop Mixtape Cover

It can't be said enough--the French know how to get down. And while Onra re-asserted that fact earlier this year, one mixtape isn't quite enough to encapsulate the awesome impact (and generally fantastic) work of French hip-hop producers. Enter: Abcdr du Son, a French music blog that routinely reports on some of the best, newest rap in the world. Their powers that be put their heads together and came up with a mixtape of American+Anglican tracks that have been made by the minds of Frenchmen. In there you'll catch joints new and old, from legends as large as KRS-One and Talib Kweli. Read the full tracklist below, to which we've left both label information and dates attached, so that savvy listeners can do a little extra homework and incorporate more Parisian beats into their own sets. Frotte Connard!


1. Lucien ft. Al’ Tariq, Problemz, SK, Black Attack & A-Massacre – “Spectacular” // (Al’Tariq – God Connections, 1996)

2. DJ Low Cut ft. Nutso – “Fuck You” // (Nutso & DJ Low Cut – In the Cut, 2013)

3. Cris Prolific ft. K-Banger – “I Reminisce” // (Cris Prolific ‎— Art/Money Vol.1, 2010)

4. Junior Makhno ft. Ill Bill – “Acceptance Speech” // (Ill Bill ‎— The Grimy Awards, 2013)

5. Ugly Tony ft. King Magnetic, Alucard, Respect Tha God & L.I.F.E Long — “The Tower of Babel” // (Ugly Tony ‎— At Nightfall, 2011)

6. Crown ft. Son Real & Main Flow — “Look Into my Life ” // (Crown & Nefast ‎— Just Listen, 2010)

7. DJ Brans ft. Fel Sweetenberg — “Tomorrows in the Stars” // (Fel Sweetenberg – The Invisible Garden, 2014)

8. DJ Bronco ft. Widow Prizum – “Danger” // (Widow Prizum ‎— A Brooklyn Kind of Life, 2000)

9. Popeye ft. Widow Prizum — “Pass It Around” // (Widow Prizum ‎— A Brooklyn Kind of Life, 2000)

10. White & Spirit ft. KRS-One — “The French Connection” // (Various ‎— Ma 6-T va crack-er, 1997)

11. Venom ft. Gstats — “I Get It On” // (Unreleased, 2014)

12. Gallegos ft. Smiley The Ghetto Child — “Bodychalk” // (Smiley The Ghetto Child ‎— The Antidote, 2006)

13. Rheezo ft. Big Twins — “Surprised I’m Alive” // (Big Twins – The Infamous QB : Still Cooking, 2012)

14. DJ Duke ft. The AbSouljah — “Walk With Devils and Angels ” // (Unreleased, 2012)

15. Al’Tarba ft. Apakalypse & Eternel — “True Colorz” // (Unreleased, 2008)

16. Azaia ft. Skeezo — “Under Pressure” // (Skeezo – Face Value, 2013)

17. DJ Diaze ft. Superstar Quamallah — “Do Win-Dis” // (Superstar Quamallah ‎— Invisible Man, 2009)

18. IAM ft. Smooth & Supreme — “Doin’ Our Thang” // (IAM ‎— L’école du micro d’argent édition collector, 2013)

19. Get Large ft. Crhyme Fam — “U & Me” // (Get Large Recordz ‎— Please… Believe It!!!, 2005)

20. Creestal ft. MoShadee & D-Dand — “For Ya Mind” // (CM Jones – Another World EP, 2012)

21. Mr. Troy ft. Junclassic — “Dreamin’” // (Mr. Troy & Junclassic – Figures, 2012)

22. Astronote ft. Magestik Legend — “The Music Box” // (Astronote – Weapon of the Future, 2011)

23. Fakehunters ft. Veteran Assassins — “Fakehunters” // (Veteran Assassins – Veteran Assassins, 2010)

24. Kyo Itachi ft. ethemadassassin — “What It’s Supposed to Be” // (Kyo Itachi – Musikyo, 2011)

25. Audessey ft. aCatCalledFritz — “Solid Ground” // (Audessey & aCatCalledFritz – Beats Per Minute, 2014)

26. Dela ft. Talib Kweli — “Long Life” // (Dela ‎— Changes Of Atmosphere, 2008)

27. Parental ft. Pete Flux — “Warming Up” // (Pete Flux & Parental – Traveling Thought, 2014)

28. Jazz Liberatorz ft. J.Sands — “When The Clock Ticks” // (Jazz Liberatorz ‎— Clin d’oeil, 2008)

29. Dee Nasty ft. Apani B Fly — “Blazing Trails” // (DJ Dee Nasty ‎— Nastyness, 2001)

Afrikan Sciences RBMA mixtape cover

A connoisseur of global dance music who's been doing his thing since the '80s, Afrikan Sciences was asked by Red Bull Music Academy to showcase a little of what's been amusing him lately. No one could have expected just how great and strange a mix he'd produce, though. Sciences's set begins with a child choir-led cover of America's breezy folk tune "Tin Man"--one that's been restyled into a kind of surreal r&b march complete with crescendoing horns and glockenspiel background fills. It's not long, though, until the real beats arrive, and we set off on a journey dancing around planet. Obscure, nigh-un-google-able joints populate much of Sciences's mix, but there are also a few reliable favorites. AS's Deepblak background shines through on this whole mixtape, which is one of the more ambitious and wide-eared things we've heard in some time.

Boiler Room Upfront 6 Mixtape Cover

When Boiler Room makes a move, we pay close attention. The world-renowned streaming/music-making group has started up a new mixtape series that will highlight the kind of artists that regularly get played on their webcasted DJ shows, and the latest installment of said series is without a doubt its strongest. Full of clattering handclap snares and unholy sub bass, the "Upfront" set from NA, aka Daniel Pineda (who comprises on half of Nguzunguzu). Unquestionably club-ready with plenty of steady techno beats and spooky blacklight-conjuring grime, NA's set is also rich in detail and weirder than your average Friday night. "This mix has tracks from some great producers that I love and some exclusive bits of my own. I wanted the mix to focus on specific textures and moods throughout—it's metallic, aggressive, intense, abrasive, heavy, dark, and dungeon-themed for the most part," he told Boiler Room. More of this, asap, please.

NA Boiler Room Upfront 6 Mixtape Tracklisting

SoulEtiquitteLeo Sundaes Volume 1 Mixtape Cover

Depending on how finely-tuned your Soundcloud feed is, you might already be hip to this or have absolutely no clue. Ireland's King Leo, one of the hosts of Soul Etiquette Radio, dropped a batch of gleaming-gold hip-hop tracks just before Thanksgiving and it's so good we just can't tear ourselves away. With samples that skew toward the jazz and soul-inspired doings of J Dilla, Leo's "Sundaes Vol. 1" set is a treat for anyone tickled by syrupy basslines off-kilter kick drums. We can only hope that many more sweet Sundaes get dropped in the coming months.


Prajnuh - "Rasa"

Aru-2 - "Sick Vibes"

Philippe Edison - "Fall"

SOul Unreal - "Smoked Out"

ShunGu - "Life Easy"

Ackryte - "Shades"

Irahnik - "Justice(Live On) (Prod. ShunGu)"

ShunGu - "Capricorn"

Aru-2 - "Sexy Whipper"

Elaquant - "Sleep Walking"

Tek. Lun - "You, 'The Power'"

Elaquant - "Too Good (One for Isaac)"

Philippe Edison - "Nature Boy"

Reva Devito - "Sweetest Taboo"

Elaquent - "Chasing Army (Cosmic Latte)"

Philippe Edison - "Wise One"