Pass The Popcorn: Miles Davis Meets His First Wife In A New ‘Miles Ahead’ Tease

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Pass The Popcorn: Watch Miles Davis Meet His Wife In A New 'Miles Ahead' Tease

Pass The Popcorn: Watch Miles Davis Meet His Wife In A New 'Miles Ahead' Tease

For Miles Davis aficionados, the name Frances Taylor should ring loud and clear. Not solely for the muse-like inspiration she provided a still young jazz giant (having been prominently featured on the covers of E.S.P and Someday My Prince Will Come, respectively) but for the fact that she was his very first wife and star in her own right. Their relationship was infamous for its violent outbursts (even as one of the coolest cats to walk the planet, Miles was known for his foul temper and generally deplorable treatment of women) but lasted a decade and is still considered to be one of music’s greatest romances.

And while no firsthand account of their entanglement has ever been seen or heard, Don Cheadle’s anxiously-anticipated Miles Ahead biopic provides us with a little context to their embattled 10-year courtship, showing that even in love, Miles Davis was too damn cool for his own good. Watch the new clip from Miles Ahead below, just be sure to hold tight, as the film arrives in theaters everywhere on April 1st with a score provided by Robert Glasper (who also has a separate Miles-inspired album en route.)

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