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Listen to This Special Episode of "Questlove Supreme" Featuring Michelle Obama

An epic episode.

Questlove Supreme debuted a special episode featuring Michelle Obama on Wednesday (December 12).

In the one-on-one interview with host, Questlove, the former first lady talks about the current book tour for her memoir Becoming, her favorite music memories, and her experiences in the White House.

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In a Billboard premiere of a clip from the podcast, Obama recalled Stevie Wonder's Talking Book as the first record she ever owned. "That's how good an album it was," she said.  One copy included the lyrics in braille, which she studied while listening.

"I remember spending time not only listening to the record over and over again, but trying to feel the brail and understand the words," she said. "And I would memorize the cover because there's something about that cover with Stevie without his glasses sitting like in a canyon area in that dashiki afghan sort of thing with the braids and all of that was... That cover to me was as much the experience of the album for me."

She went on to talk about her other early music memories and having purchased the Jackson 5's "ABC" and "The Love You Save" on 45 RPM.

"We grew up imitating the Jackson 5 and putting the record on and cousins would be Tito and I'd be Michael and my brother would be on the drums, you know. We spent the whole afternoon just shaping our performance to 'Stop the Love you Save,' so those were some of my first memories."

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This episode comes on the heels of release of the Questlove-curated soundtrack for Obama's book tour. The 3-volume playlist titled, "Michelle Obama’s Musiaqualogy Vol 1. 1964-1979, Vol 2. 1980-1997, Vol 3. 1997-2018" features decades of music from artists including Sam Cooke, Ella Fitzgerald, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, George Benson, Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and D’Angelo.

Questlove took to Instagram to explain how the playlist came to be after launching the idea in 2006, initially for Barack Obama. He wrote, "I knew my mission was going to be the perfectly curated iPod. Every playlist for every type of occasion... My obsession w acquiring every piece of music under the sun since 2006 now has me at like 110,000 pieces."

He continued, "I gave Jay & B 2 tester iPods w about 5000 songs on it when Blue was born to always have on loop. but for some reason I never finished my projected 20,000 song extravaganza."

I couldn’t stop adding music... im STILL adding songs obsessively to all 3 of her lists... once I finally turned in my project as a quick aside I jokingly suggested we should talk on #questlovesupreme. I never thought she’d say 'sure.'"

And that's that.

Listen to a clip from the show below, and catch the full episode on Pandora.

Source: Billboard