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Marvel’s Latest Hip-Hop Variants Honor Jay Z, Kanye West & Vic Mensa

Marvel’s Latest Hip-Hop Variants Honor Jay Z, Kanye West & Vic Mensa

Bullseye #1 by Tim Bradstreet

Marvel has dropped another collection of variant hip-hop covers, with the latest batch honoring album covers from Kanye West, Jay Z and Vic Mensa.

The covers (which premiered today on Complex) continue to do what previous ones before them have done: pay homage to both old and new school hip-hop artists, as well as past and present Marvel superheroes, by bringing them together.

The three variant covers are as follows: Mighty Captain Marvel #1, which is based off of The Life Of Pablo; Elektra #1, which is based off of American Gangster; and Bullseye, which is based off of There’s Alot Going On.

Marvel first started doing this two years ago, when they paid tribute to Run The Jewels by giving the rap duo their own variant covers (one feature Howard The Duck while the other had Deadpool). Since then, the comic book and entertainment titan has made other covers such as Iron Man (fixed to GZA‘s Liquid Swords album art); Thor (replacing MF Doom on the Madvillainy cover art); and Hercules (who got Lil B‘s Black Flame album art).

Aside from their variant hip-hop covers Marvel has also done a great job at diversifying their superheroes this year. 2016 marked the birth of Riri Williams, who has become the successor to Iron Man (Ironheart), while Moon Girl, a nine year old black girl, has become the smartest human being in the Marvel Universe.

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“There’s always been a healthy debate about which super-genius is the smartest,” Marvel senior editor Mark Paniccia said in an interview with BuzzFeed earlier this year. “Is it Tony Stark? Reed Richards? Victor Von Doom? Hank Pym? Amadeus Cho? The answer is gonna shock the Marvel Universe when it’s revealed to be 9-year-old Inhuman Lunella Lafayette.”

Check out the latest release of variant hip-hop covers, and be on the look out for other ones in the foreseeable future.


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