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Marsha Ambrosius – “Cold War” [Official Video]

Marsha Ambrosius – “Cold War” [Official Video]

Marsha Ambrosius and Michael K. Williams in a still from her new video "Cold War"

The Marsha Ambrosius video for “Cold War” feels like an Okayplayer family affair what with Diplo all on the track and Okayhost with the most Michael K. Williams all up in the narrative through-line (all you need is Tunde Adebimpe in a santa hat and we got ourselves a holiday jam). You may be familiar with this song already but the introduction of MK Williams’ character–as expected–adds a whole nother dimension to the icy love of the vocal. When I first heard the tune I thought of it as a woman’s response to Usher‘s (also Diplo-produced) lament “Climax.” But now I think of it as “Chalky’s Lament.” Watch below and you’ll see what I mean:


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