The Music Snobs Talk Lenny Kravitz, Van Hunt & The State of Black Rock


The Music Snobs return in their 34th episode to discuss musical formats and the state of black rock with a look at the careers of Van Hunt and Lenny Kravitz. The discussion finds both musicians "between a rock and a hard place" as torch bearers for the task of changing the face of rock music to make room for black and brown guitar heroes in a genre otherwise dominated by white male stars. Scoop, Isaac, Jehan and Arthur drop this episode with a primer on the provocative roundtable chat:

Can Lenny Kravitz and Van Hunt prove to a modern audience that black musicians can rock more than a mic? The Music Snobs dissect and desegregate a genre as they examine Rock in 2015. And in a round table that will excite your inner audiophile, the crew asks: Which format is the all-time champ when it comes to listening to music?

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