LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton To "Build On Legacy Of Obama"

LeBron James Endorses Hillary Clinton To "Build On Legacy Of Obama"

Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James smiles at a question after Game 3 of basketball's NBA Finals against the Golden State Warriors in Cleveland, Thursday, June 9, 2016. Cleveland won 120-90. (AP Photo/Tony Dejak)

LeBron James has used his celebrity to venture into activism, but the reigning NBA champion and Finals MVP isn't known for his political views. He took a step into that arena on Sunday, with an official endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president of the United States.

In an op-ed posted by Business Insider, James wrote that Clinton will "build on the legacy of my good friend, President Barack Obama. I believe in what President Obama has done for our country and support her commitment to continuing that legacy."

James started his letter by speaking about how grew up in poverty, but persevered with basketball giving him a shot at building a family, giving back to his community, and getting an education. He said that with the LeBron James Family Foundation, the Wheels for Education and Akron I PROMISE Network programs, he hopes to give children opportunities a chance to live prosperous futures as well.

Clinton, he said, has similar goals. dedicated her life to children by "working to improve public schools, expand access to health care, support children's hospitals, and so much more." He cited her campaign promises of affordable college, and said she will address "violence of every kind" that the black community is experiencing.

"Only one person running truly understands the struggles of an Akron child born into poverty," James wrote. "And when I think about the kinds of policies and ideas the kids in my foundation need from our government, the choice is clear."

James has publicly supported the Obamas, and he joined the First Lady in October 2015 to support each other's education initiatives. As a member of the Miami Heat, he and teammates Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh filmed a fun video with Michelle Obama to promote healthy eating. But James is known more for social activism than for his political affiliations. He publicly took a stand against the killings of Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner, and he spoke out against former Clippers owner Donald Sterling after he was caught on tape making racist remarks.

James' endorsement should be a welcome asset for Clinton, who will campaign in Ohio on Monday.