League Of Extraordinary Gz x dead prez - "Still Bigger"

League Of Extraordinary Gz x dead prez - "Still Bigger"

by karaslamb
October 15, 2013 6:31 PM


The League Of Extraordinary Gz teams with dead prez to let the people know the agenda hasn’t changed with “Still Bigger” from their debut LP #LeagueShit, which dropped today. The track from the sizable Texas crew revisits dp’s “Hip-Hop” – the revolutionary anthem from Let’s Get Free LP that helped put dead prez on the map in 2000 – with a lead single that expands upon the memorable refrain. LOEGZ are joined by stic.man and M-1 on a joint that breaks down their collective motivations for delivering fighting words as they ponder why more rappers don’t; their reasons run the gamut from cookie cutter MCs to critical social issues affecting African-Americans. Check the track below to listen to “Still Bigger” from the League Of Extraordinary Gz and dead prez. Purchase the #LeagueShit LP via iTunes.

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