Afro Funk Explosion! Lafayette Afro Rock Band Announce 1st US Reissue Comp

Lafayette Afro Rock Band Announce First US Reissue Compilation 'Afro Funk Explosion'

Lafayette Afro Rock Band (or Ice, as they came to be known after lead-singer Bobby Boyd split from the group) has likely been wth you much longer than you realize. The seventies funk stars did it in Paris with producer Pierre Jaubert after a transplant landed them cross-pond to develop their own funk market away from the oversaturated airwaves of the states. By 1978, LARB was no more, but ten years later their break-heavy Afrolatin sound, like the dusted back beat of "Hihache"--provided the backbone of b-boy classics like LL Cool J's "Jingling Baby" and Biz Markie's "Nobody Beats The Biz" (listen below via the classic record's online premiere! As well as a taste of the lesser known gem "Don't Wonder.")

Even more instantly recognizable, the stark, air-raid horn  on "Darkest Light" would provide the signature clarion call of one of hip-hop's most revolutionary triumphs, Public Enemy's "Show Em What You Got." And two decades after that Just Blaze and Jay Z would revive them once more for their own salute, adopting that rounded horn segment for the first of two Hov retirements. Fast forward to 2016 and the Lafayette Afro Rock Band sound is still the holy grail of Afro Funk. Their records remain some of the most coveted little acetate circles on the planet, but come October 28th, their brilliant blends will be a little easier to get ahold of, as Manifesto Records readies the release of the band's first US reissue, The Lafayette Afro Rock Band vs. Ice: Afro Funk Explosion! and they've graced us with a taste of the greatness.

The reissue collects some of their more readily recognizable rhythms along with rare instrumental versions and selections from their other offshoots, Crispy & Co. and Captain Dax, all united under one gargantuan groove. Pre-orders are underway via Amazon, but you can get acquainted (or reacquainted) with a pair of tracks from the release down below.