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Kweku Collins "Kings"


I’ve been keeping an eye out for the boy Kweku Collins these last few months. A few of his joints missed me, but this one right here is definitely hitting. The Chicago emcee comes through with the uplifting, self-produced joint, “Kings.” Says Kweku of the track: “Halfway through my senior year, I started generating a buzz through blogs and whatnot. I didn’t have any management other than myself, which meant any and all offers and opportunities were coming directly to me. It was the first time money was offered to me for music. As corny as it sounds, I love music more than anything in this world. Because my emotions and my music are intertwined inseparably, as I started getting attention, it made me feel good about myself. My self-confidence was the highest it had been in 6 years, and I wanted to write a song that reflected that. That’s where ‘ ings’ came from. I wanted to recreate the power and emotions that I felt. ‘Your Song’ was the case, ‘Kings’ is the evidence.” Love this song right here, plenty of potential with this young man. Look for this single to appear on Kweku’s upcoming EP, Say It Here, While Its Safe, which will be out July 21st via Close Sessions.

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