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Kool DJ Red Alert Recounts Hip-Hop History On The Combat Jack Show

Kool DJ Red Alert Recounts Hip-Hop History On The Combat Jack Show

Talib Kweli & Ma Dukes Discuss J Dilla's Legacy On Combat Jack

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Combat Jack hosted a veritable hip-hop legend on his regular program this week, bringing Kool DJ Red Alert into the studio for a discussion of hip-hop’s past, present and, well, past some more. Red Alert, for those who haven’t done their remedial homework, was one of the most influential disc jockeys on the New York City radio waves throughout the 80s and had a knack for plucking bold upcoming talent out of the crowd and spinning for the whole city–and, thus, the whole world–to hear. Acts like Afrika Bambaataa, A Tribe Called Quest and Boogie Down Productions owe much of their early success to Red Alert’s playing their material.

Afte Red Bull gave the Kool one a prominent role in their Revolutions on Air documentary, Combat Jack’s conversation keeps the historical knowledge-session running, and the two men discussed the importance of using music theory knowledge to successfully mix records, the DJ prowess of Jazzy Jay and the time he heard Bambaataa’s electro-funk at the Roxy club in Manhattan. It’s a must-hear conversation between two masters of the old school and contains gems that will surprise just about anyone with a soft stop for solid beats. Listen to the Combat Jack episode below and read our in-depth interview with the host himself.

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