Killer Mike x El-P Making Beer w/ Goose Island

Killer Mike x El-P Are Making Beer W/ Goose Island Brewery

Run The Jewels beer: Killer Mike x El-P making beer w/ Goose Island

Killer Mike and El-P having been making a lot of noise with their collaborative project Run The Jewels, but now they are also making beer. According to the Chicago Tribune, Goose Island Brewery–the original beer sponsor of the windy city’s Pitchfork festival–is taking their spot back from Heineken, which outbid the local brewery for the last few summers. To celebrate the return of the Beer trophy to the hometown team (so to speak) Goose Island has something a little different up their sleeves, as the Tribune explains:

The exciting part is the addition of what amounts to almost a “beer stage” at the festival: a specialty bar featuring two beers created specifically for the fest and one handle that will rotate throughout the weekend. It will be the most adventurous beer options Pitchfork has seen in its nine years of existence (which includes the first year when it was known as Intonation Fest).

The two new beers both sound promising for repeated drinking on a hot July day. One is Forcone Session Ale, a pale ale developed by Pitchfork staffers and Goose brewers that clocks in at a festival-friendly 5 percent alcohol.

The other, a collaboration between Goose and Pitchfork performers Killer Mike and El-P, is called Run the Jewels (which is also the name of Killer Mike and El-P’s musical collaboration).

So there you have it. Run The Jewels is a two-headed, sucker-MC destroying monster–and a dry-hopped Belgian wheat ale, with 5.4-percent alcohol content. Let’s hope it comes in a tallboy. And if so, somebody n Chicago set aside a case for us. And then another case for eBay.

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Run The Jewels beer: Killer Mike x El-P making beer w/ Goose Island

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