Killer Mike x El-P x Big Boi - "Banana Clipper"

Killer Mike x El-P x Big Boi - "Banana Clipper"

by ocko
May 31, 2013 3:58 PM

Killer Mike x El-P = Run The Jewels

As you should already know, Killer Mike and El-P have linked together to release a free album this summer under the name Run The JewelsAfter dropping us “Get It” and a preview of “Banana Clipper,” they deliver the goods on the full track and boi do they deliver…with a feature from Big Boi. The beat is hot and is a perfect canvas for the three MC’s to spew their fire on. It’s a pretty powerful track and only builds up excitement to hear the full length collaboration. Be on the lookout for the free download of the album next month as well as a vinyl edition on Fool’s Gold. Stream “Banana Clipper” below.

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