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Kelela Gets Her Tarot Cards Read For “In The Cards” On OKP TV

Kelela Gets Her Tarot Cards Read For “In The Cards” On OKP TV

Kelela Gets Her Tarot Cards Read For "In The Cards" On OKP TV

Kelela Gets Her Tarot Cards Read For "In The Cards" On OKP TV

Kelela is quite possibly the single most watchable artist on Okayplayer’s 14 Artists To Watch For 2014 list. With the moves she’s made since the top of the year–collaborating with Moses Sumney onstage at Solange Knowles‘ Fashion Week x 1MSQFT event, for one, new tracks like “Melba’s Call” with Bok-Bok and “Want It” with DJ Dahi for another and another–the buzzy vibrations around this rising star of future-soul have only amplified. High expectations automatically means that stakes is also high for a young artist and her next moves will have far-reaching ramifications for her life and her career; another year from now Kelela could be bigger than Beyoncé. She could have carved a lane for herself outside the mainstream as an independent but underground force in music. She could just as easily be a victim of major label drama and withdraw from the scene. Anything could happen, really, but the more she shines the more she will undoubtedly face–and maybe even give in to– the pressures that come with increasing fame; pressure to change herself for the machine, to sacrifice other aspects of her life.

Kelela, it turns out, is as just as eager to see what’s “In The Cards” for her in the coming year as the rest of us are. The Okayplayer team was privileged to facilitate that future soulsearching when we invited her to have her tarot cards read at Catland (“Brookyn’s premier metaphysical boutique”) for the OKP TV series we call…”In The Cards.” In Kelela’s case, our tarot expert Damon Stang‘s reading–especially his description of a particular female figure who is key to Kelela’s life–was so eerily on point that the emotional vibes in the room got a little intense. You will have to watch below to see what I mean but whatever the future holds, OKP TV’s cameras captured a moment of genuine vulnerability and self-examination of the kind fans don’t normally get to see in the artists they love. It will also undoubtedly fuel speculation about the identity of this “key woman” in Kelela’s life–is it Solange?? Is it Kelela’s mom??We have some ideas…but we’ll never tell. Read it “In The Cards” below:

Producer: Allison Swank
Videographers: Jake Remington, Lance Steagall + Antoinette Engel
Editor: Jake Remington


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