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Who Amongst Us Voted for Kanye West?

Kanye has already conceded defeat while also seeming to hint at a return in 2024.

Although he didn't come out as the winner of the 2020 presidential election, Kanye West still managed to receive a notable amount of votes from states across the country.

In a report from Deadline, the artist is expected to get at least 60,000 votes in this year's election. Per Deadline:

It’s safe to say at least 60,000 Americans voted for West, who ran as an Independent. While a few states were still under 80% reported as of this writing, our count puts him at 59,781 total votes. Thus, it’s a pretty good guess he’ll go over 60,000 by the time all states are fully counted.

West was on the ballot in 12 different states including Arkansas, Colorado, Oklahoma and Tennessee, the latter of which gave him the most votes with 10,195. A full list of the votes he received in each state can be viewed below:

Arkansas: 4,040

Colorado: 6,127

Idaho: 3,092

Iowa: 3,197

Kentucky: 6,259

Louisiana: 4,894

Minnesota: 7,654

Mississippi: 3,117

Oklahoma: 5,590

Tennessee: 10,195

Utah: 4,311

Vermont: 1,255

As Deadline noted, West voted in Wyoming and wrote in his own name on the ballot there. However, according to a separate report from MarketWatch, West's vote for himself will not be counted unless he files additional paperwork. Per MarketWatch:

Wyoming does not automatically count write-in votes individually for the candidates whose names are written in unless they win the election — The Associated Press called the state for President Donald Trump soon after polls closed in the state Tuesday — or file paperwork and pay a fee with the relevant elections officials in the state. They are catalogued as generic “write-in votes,” Wyoming secretary of state spokeswoman Monique Meese confirmed Tuesday.

Meese told MarketWatch on Tuesday that no candidate had filed to count their write-in votes in the 2020 presidential election so far, though they can apply and pay the fee up to two days after the election. Kanye West’s campaign did not immediately respond to MarketWatch’s inquiry if it plans to file the necessary paperwork in Wyoming.

On Thursday a Twitter user isolated the county Kanye's campaign was most successful in: Jefferson County, Iowa. Kanye received 204 votes in the district, accounting for 2.24% of the vote.

By Tuesday night, West had conceded defeat in a since-deleted tweet that read: "WELP KANYE 2024." He has since followed that tweet up with a picture of himself with the caption: "KANYE 2024."

Previously, it was revealed that West had spent about $7 million of his own money on his campaign.

More bad news for Kanye arrived on Wednesday, as The Blast reported that members of his Nebuchadnezzar Opera filed a class-action lawsuit against him. According to legal documents, one hair assistant claims she is owed "unpaid wages, continuing wages, damages, civil penalties, statutory penalties and attorney's fees and costs" after being paid late and being charged for receiving checks.