Kanye West & Paul McCartney Warm Hearts w/ Collaborative Ballad "Only One"

Kanye West warms hearts with Paul McCartney on "Only One."

Good afternoon and happy damn New Year blurry-eyed (okay) players. Late last night, while you were crossing glasses of champagne and making terrible decisions, Kanye West delivered on the rumor of him and Paul McCartney linking for some musical menagerie, dropping off the heart-string terrorizing collaboration "Only One." The first official single from his forthcoming yet-to-be-titled album leaps out of the tortured, mechanical prism of Yeezus as West takes on the voice of his Mother Mary Donda West in a tear-demanding letter (and tastefully auto-tuned refrain) from Granny to North West that won't leave a dry eye in the room.

While Sir Paul's contribution seems to be the lone electric key arrangement -- reminiscent of some bluesy Billy Preston chop or even a Harry Nilsson composition-- the legendary songwriter was apparently tapped for more than just this NYE one-off, so be sure to have your head on a swivel for the next drop from 2015's most unconventional songwriting duo. Listen as Paul McCartney and Kanye West deliver the word of the late Donda West on their collaborative ballad "Only You." Grab a copy of the single on iTunes today and read the entirety of the lyrics by hitting the link below.

>>>Read The Lyrics To "Only One" (via kanyewest.com)