Ka Talks Writing As Therapy & More With Redbull Music Academy

Ka Talks Writing As Therapy & More With Redbull Music Academy

by karaslamb
October 10, 2013 3:50 PM

Brownsville-bred rapper Ka in a still from his self-directed video for "Downtime"

Ka recently discussed his musical history, loyal fanbase and writing as a form of therapy during a fireside chat with Redbull Music Academy. He takes you through the borough of Brooklyn from the roughest days of his childhood to the gentrification that has settled across the area in more recent years. He also talks about his biggest influences in hip-hop including Slick Rick, Rakim, KRS-One and Big Daddy Kane; he refers to those iconic MCs as his “Mount Rushmore”, when alluding to the magnitude of their influence on his urge to rhyme. He also discusses his evolution from a “wack” rapper to a dope MC – a journey that began under the tutelage of older MCs and producers in the Natural Elements crew at Fortress Records. Ka moved from there into Nightbreed and eventual working relationships with GZA and Roc Marciano before truly finding his niche in more recent years with gutter beats and lyrics that are both introspective and reflective of the streets with the candor of a realist and the accuracy of a sharp shooter. Listen to Ka’s Fireside Chat with Redbull Music Academy below. Purchase The Night’s Gambit LP via iTunes.

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