Jungle Brothers On Prince, Public Enemy, Q Tip + More

Jungle Brothers Share Some Hilarious Tales From The Road

by zo
February 25, 2015 10:21 AM


The legendary Jungle Brothers have been well “Beyond This World” for ages, but an impromptu sit-down with the folks at 247HH (the same folks that brought us that magical Raekwon PCP story) reaffirmed exactly how weird and wild their journey has been. As a prominent fixture in the Native Tongues movement, Mike G, Afrika Baby Bam and DJ Sammy B have fallen off stages at joint performances with Public Enemy and acted as the muscle when brother-in-arms Q Tip found himself at the wrong end of a shot to the face. They’ve also attempted to written songs for Prince, forgotten their gig money under hotel mattresses and basically witnessed and contributed firsthand to the evolution of hip-hop through the Native Tongues prism. Below you will find all of these stories and more, straight from the Jungle Brothers themselves, perfect for your hump day reminiscences.

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