Jon Stewart Dishes On Breakfast + More In A New "Definitive" Podcast Interview

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In what was called "The exit interview of all exit interviews," soon-to-be-departed Daily Show host Jon Stewart gave an unforgettable interview on his television program's most recent podcast episode. Yes, the television has a semi-regular podcast--welcome to the 21st century media world.

Stewart joined Daily Show producers Adam Lowitt, Steve Bodow and Jen Flanz on what is usually dubbed "The Daily Show Podcast Without Jon Stewart," and quickly dug into the hot-button topics of the day: breakfast foods, sandwiches, coffee and the complexities thereof. "What always bothered me, and I was never able to articulate it, was the ratio between bread and egg," Stewart mused wistfully. The host expressed regret at not picking the ideal sandwiches for his team for quite some time and expressed his joy at making the catering switch from kaiser rolls to english muffins. Yes, this is what America's greatest newsman dwells upon.

Where do things go from there? "Lunch was always difficult," Stewart admits.

The episode marked a break of tradition for the podcast, as Stewart himself is never a usual guest on the Daily Show podcast. It was, as one of its regular hosts noted a bit weird (okay, extremely weird), but to know that the team is keeping things loose and high-spirited during the end of an era is very encouraging indeed. Listen to the podcast below, but don't do it on an empty stomach.