JJ DOOM Preview “Banished” (Beck Remix)

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JJ DOOM delivers a preview of more new material with “Banished” (Beck Remix) – the latest track to arrive from their forthcoming LP Keys To The Kuffs (Butter Version). The alternate take on the original release is an expanded project that features remixes from some big names including Beck, Thom Yorke, Dave Sitek and Clams Casino. Beck adds a quirky folk and wobbling glitch to the original production, for a pretty interesting take. The project also features new material from JJ DOOM. Keys To The Kuffs (Butter Version) will be available digitally as a full package including the original LP and as a separate release containing only the new material. The CD arrives with a bit of a treat from JJ DOOM compadre and renowned street artist Steve “ESPO” Powers. Check the track below to get a taste of “Banished” (Beck Remix). Keep an eye open for more from JJ DOOM.

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