DOOM x Clams Casino - "Bookfiend"

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Clams Casinois that dude, but among many diehard beats fanatics, he is also that dude you may not know is THAT dude yet, if you know what we mean. Hopefully this track featuring DOOM yanks you out of the dark once and forever. The producer behind some of A$AP Rocky's best beats has dropped a doozy of a track titled "Bookfiend" for the masked legend--and has even taken the author by surprise in its high levels of mellowed-out excellence. The unexpectedness of the collaboration certainly adds to its appeal, but not only because this producer-MC pair seem unlikely to even be in the same room together, much less making dopeness like this - DOOM's gritty voice and complex lyrical formulations are only enhanced by Clams' signature spaced-out sounds, while the two distinct styles complement each other effortlessly. It's the new-age, out-of-left-field combo you didn't even know we were waiting for, but here it is and damn if we don't love it. Rap gods of the universe, consider this post my appeal for "Bookfiends" to be the first of much more innovative hip-hop style blends to come.