Jay Pharoah's Lil Wayne freestyle on Sway In The Morning

Jay Pharoah's Lil Wayne Impression Could Probably Get A Record Deal [Sway In The Morning Freestyle]

Jay Pharoah's Lil Wayne impression could get a record deal (Sway In The Morning freestyle)

Jay Pharoah‘s Lil Wayne impression is so dead on (not to mention asphyxiatingly hilarious) that it could probably get it’s own record deal in 2013. The SNL comedian, famed for his impersonation of President Barack Obama and others stopped by Sway In The Morning on Shade 45 and delivered some radio patter in the personas of a few of his greatest hits, impression-wise. Leading off with POTUS, Pharoah quickly transitioned into his equally infamous takes on Denzel Washington and Jay-Z, even providing some insights into each voice (Hov…it’s about clarity.”) and a cosign from imaginary Chris Rock. But it is clearly the Lil Wayne voice that kills the deadest and earns it’s own stand alone clip. Not only because it is so suited to the Sway In The Morning format, built for freestyles and between song shouts (“Ahum. I sound like a baby and I look like Dracula.”)–but also because Pharoah so perfectly nails Lil Tunchi’s often infantile, always freakily sexual stream-of-consciousness stumble-bumblefuck flow. Nailguns it to the wall in fact. Watch both clips below. But not in church. Or at work. Or anyplace where you can’t give it the full Game Of Thrones spit-take reaction it deserves.

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