Scott Heins Jay Electronica CMJ 2-1
Jay Electronica performs at the Santos Party House CMJ takeover -- Photo by Scott Heins
Photo Credit: Scott Heins for Okayplayer

Jay Electronica Spits Blazing Bars On Newly-Surfaced Loosie "The Curse Of Mayweather"

Scott Heins Jay Electronica CMJ 2-1

He's crashed interviews, performed heroic sets in tribute to the late J Dilla, even tried to sell you a Toyota, but one thing Jay Electronica hasn't done much of in the last year (or 10) is dropped some unheard hotness for your ears. However, moments ago, a new track called "The Curse Of Mayweather" hit the internets and it could very well provide you with the fix that you've itching for. Over a booming slapper, JayElec begs Tribe's ye olde question (can I kick it?) with verbal displays as fiery as ever. And while it seems fair to say that he's still yet to establish himself as a consistent source, this should certainly hold you over until he decides to resurface once more in a non-shit-stirring capacity (though he does seem to be aiming at K Dot and 50 Cent once more with this one.) 

Of course, there are plenty of looming questions. Is it official? Is it a sign that Jay Electronica is ready to put out an album? Frankly, nah, probably not. But it's good to see your boy's staying sharp out here. Listen to "The Curse Of Mayweather" below and hold tight for the next transmission from whatever corner of the universe he seems to be hiding in.