Hannibal Buress' Drake Impersonation Is So Bad It's Good

Hannibal Buress' Drake Impersonation Is So Bad It's Good

Hannibal Buress' Drake Impersonation Is So Bad It's Good

Part of the allure of The Eric Andre Show is the dynamic between the erratic and unpredictable titular host Eric Andre, and his deadpan co-host Hannibal Buress. Watching them talk to one another or just seeing what the two offer during the show’s interview segments, makes for some great late night comedy.

In a new preview for a forthcoming episode scheduled to air tonight (August 12), we get the chance to see Buress do what is arguably one of, if not the worst, Drake impersonation of all time. Andre shows guest Stacey Dash an explicit (and obviously photoshopped) picture of President Obama, which then leads to the awkward exchange between Buress and Dash.

“You wanna hear my Drake impersonation,” the Chicago comedian asks the Clueless star. “Ugh, ok,” she responds.

“I went to Toronto I went to Atlanta, I used to drink Pepsi, but now I like Fanta,” Buress offers in a sluggish flow. The moment is funny and unexpected, and makes the next bit that happens during the interview (the infamous rats being released on Dash) that much better.

Seriously, underneath Buress’ rap you can hear the squeaks of the rats as they slowly make their way on set towards Dash. You honestly don’t even see the rodents on a first viewing because you’re so focused on Buress.

Prior to Dash Andre had T.I. serve as the main guest for his season four premiere, which was nothing short of uncomfortable. From stroking a blurred out prosthetic penis that emerged from underneath his desk to some random half naked duded walking on to the set, Andre got the Grand Hustle Records rappers noticeably peeved in a matter of seconds.

Apparently T.I. has been one of the most upset guests featured on the Adult Swim show, with Lauren Conrad still being number one. So, maybe it’s safe to assume that Dash was a team player during her filming for this episode?

Anyways, check out the Buress clip below.

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