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T.I. Gets Pranked On ‘The Eric Andre Show’ Season Premiere

T.I. Gets Pranked On ‘The Eric Andre Show’ Season Premiere

T.I. Gets Pranked On 'The Eric Andre Show' Season Premiere

T.I. Gets Pranked On 'The Eric Andre Show' Season Premiere

This past Friday was the season premiere of The Eric Andre Show and as one could expect, it’s already off to a good start. The main guest for the first episode was entrepreneur and rapper T.I., who at first seems all right but becomes more unimpressed and uncomfortable as the interview continues on.

Eric André starts off by asking the Grand Hustle Records creator what he thinks about a garbled rap song he came up with, as well as attempts to freestyle for T.I., before a prosthetic penis breaks through his desk.

“Ok” responds T.I. as he looks away from André, who’s stroking the blurred out prosthetic before proclaiming that he broke his penis. He then attempts to high five T.I. who, at this point, is visibly distraught. Then, someone dressed up as a zombie breaks through from underneath the floorboards and scares the rapper, with T.I. kicking the zombie in the face.

After a few more minutes of pranks (and some random half naked dude walking on to the set) T.I. ultimately walks out.

On a recent episode of Complex’s Hot Ones, André discussed how many of the guests on his show don’t take the experience so well, with him “torturing his guests” for no reason. He also stated that T.I. has been one of the guests most upset by the end of his show (with the top one still being his infamous episode with Lauren Conrad).

“[T.I.] walked out two or three times during the interview and I had to keep seducing him back into [it],” André said, adding that he kept repeating “we’re almost done,” to help get T.I. back on set.

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“It is a lie; I’m a sociopath,” he said. “We were like an hour and a half from being done, because we shoot each interview for like an hour and a half, then we whittle it down to the best three or four minutes, so it’s pretty torturous, it’s hell for everyone. ”

Check out the entire episode below (with T.I.’s appearance beginning at the 2:35 mark).


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