Uncle Ruckus Google Search Image Replaced With Photo Of Kanye West In MAGA Hat

Watch Uncle Ruckus From 'The Boondocks' Speak On Kanye's Trump Meeting Source: Twitter/Sony Pictures Television

The search engine swiftly took the image down sometime Saturday afternoon.

For every Kanye West soundbite, there is an equal and opposite reaction meme. This Friday, Twitter user @blasianFMA noticed the latest in a long line of Kanye slander.

Over the weekend, Google search results for "Boondocks characters" briefly showed West pictured as Gary Anthony William's legendary character Uncle Ruckus. By Saturday afternoon the photo was taken down according to a report from CNN. A black box is currently shown where West's face previously appeared. It's unknown who made the image of West represent Ruckus.

WATCH: Uncle Ruckus From 'The Boondocks' Speak On Kanye's Trump Meeting

Many have noted the fictional Black conservative character would be a big fan of West's recent pro-Trump radicalization. Previously, Williams uploaded a video that shows him voicing a cutout of Ruckus, who offers his support of West.

"This is Gary Anthony Williams with The Kanye Chronicles and my dear friend Uncle Ruckus," the voice actor said in the video before speaking as the fictional character:

Look here Kanye when I saw you in that Oval Office with the greatest president anybody has ever seen, when I saw you hug him, bow down to him, tell him what a great white father figure he’s been to you and how his MAGA hats gave you superhuman strength. I thought 'Man, there is a colored guy that I can finally respect.' Bravo, negro. Bravo for stepping and fetching and making America great again.