Watch Uncle Ruckus From 'The Boondocks' Speak On Kanye's Trump Meeting

Watch Uncle Ruckus From 'The Boondocks' Speak On Kanye's Trump Meeting Source: Twitter/Sony Pictures Television

Uncle Ruckus has a message for Kanye West.

Kanye West recently visited the White House for a meeting with Donald Trump, where the rapper proceeded to give a 10-minute monologue that spoke on his admiration of the current president and other topics. Even before this, people were comparing West to fictional character Uncle Ruckus, from the popular animated TV series The Boondocks. Well, Uncle Ruckus has offered his thoughts on West's meeting with Trump.

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Gary Anthony Williams, the voice actor who portrays Ruckus, uploaded a video that shows him voicing a cutout of the character.

"This is Gary Anthony Williams with The Kanye Chronicles and my dear friend Uncle Ruckus," the video begins as Williams starts to speak as Ruckus.

"Look here Kanye when I saw you in that Oval Office with the greatest president anybody has ever seen, when I saw you hug him, bow down to him, tell him what a great white father figure he's been to you and how his MAGA hats gave you superhuman strength. I thought 'Man, there is a colored guy that I can finally respect,'" Ruckus said. "Bravo, negro. Bravo for stepping and fetching and making America great again."

During West's meeting with Trump, he also backpedaled on his famous comment about George W. Bush, when he said that the then president didn't care about black people.

"I was very emotional and I was programmed to think from a victimized mentality. Of a welfare mentality," West said in regards to Bush.